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Creating a Work-life Balance while Working From Home
For Teachers

Creating a Work-life Balance while Working From Home

May 26, 2022    |    0

As we have all discovered through the pandemic, working remotely most certainly has its perks. Most significantly, the greater flexibility to create a work schedule that allows time for both work and personal responsibilities. 

However, this flexibility can sometimes create increased pressure. Whether you work untraditional hours or not getting in contact regularly with other team members you might feel an increased pressure to spend more time online and working than you otherwise would in an office-like environment. No one is there reminding you to take breaks or finish up for the day. You are essentially your own boss, and it can become easy to lose yourself in the work.

So why is this so important anyway? 

Having a poor balance can have a negative impact on workers' health and happiness. You become more stressed and can feel less in control of their work. Those that have a healthy balance are happier when you're happier you're more likely to be more motivated, productive, and do better work. 


Whether you are a pro or still getting used to working from home, this post takes you through some tips to create that work-life balance so you can have a productive work day but still make time for your friends, family and personal interests. 


1. Set a schedule and stick to it

Having a flexible work schedule you might feel the need to be online and available at any time and before you know it you have been working all day because of continuous emails and messages. 

It’s important to set a schedule and stick to it. This will be helpful not only for your others so they know exactly when they can and cannot reach you but also creating your work-life balance. You’ll be able to make plans outside of work, build a sleep schedule around that work and a manageable amount of hours.


2. Have a designated space to separate work from life

It is important to have a designated space in your home designed to be productive and free of distraction. Even if it is just one corner of your living room or bedroom where possible, try to create an area that is only used for work. Try to avoid sitting there once you clock-off and on weekends as well. This will create an association with when to relax and when to focus. 


3. Get ready for work the same way you would if you were going in person

A huge benefit of working from home is definitely saving time on travel, you no longer have to rush around in the morning the same way you do if you’re going out. But instead of dedicating the time you normally spend commuting to an extra half hour of snoozing your alarm, get ready for the day the way you normally do. Take a shower, make coffee and breakfast, and get dressed. That way you will be mentally prepared for being productive and hardworking. It will also help you get more out of your day.


4. Incorporate time for a proper break

Working in a traditional office setting you usually have a scheduled break for lunch. Working from home breaks can easily blend in with work. Especially when your fridge is close by, you might just take some food out and return with it to your desk. It is important to take a break and step away from your desk for a while. It gives you something to look forward to in the day and is a great opportunity to reset and prepare for another chunk of work. 


5. Make plans to leave the house after work

Working from home takes away a big reason to get out of the house and as we all learnt during lockdown, staying inside 24/7 isn’t ideal for your wellbeing. It can become quite lonely too, especially if you live alone. Whether it’s going out for drinks with friends or simply a walk around the neighbourhood with a family member it’s important to get out of the house and spend time with loved ones. It not only makes completing your work day more rewarding but gives you more energy to tackle the next. 

Achieving this balance between work and life is something we are all striving towards. It can be a bit challenging at first but we are rooting for you! It is well worth implementing these tips as much as possible to get yourself in the right space to do your best work.